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APIC Award 2019: Young Cardiologist Intervention

Applications for the Young Cardiologist Intervention Award are open until August 31.

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28th Annual International Congress on Cardiovascular Disease Prevention

14-15 July 2019 | Aula Magna da Faculdade de Medicina de Lisboa, Portugal

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Sense about Science

Sense about Science is an independent charity that challenges misrepresentation of science and evidence in public life.

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May, Month of the Heart
May, 2017

The Portuguese Foundation of Cardiology celebrates the Month of the Heart

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Research in Portugal

Portugal, A land of history, culture, knowledge and innovation. 10 Reasons to Study and Research in Portugal

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Stent for Life
14 February, 2017

Stent for Life remembers the signs and symptoms of stroke

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The App ideal for anyone who wants a food and fitness tracker — plus a little extra motivation.

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SkyView - Explore the Universe

SkyView - Explore the Universe is an educational astronomy app that uses your location to overlay your view of the sky onto your camera view.

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The new blog of the Programa Nacional para a Promoção da Alimentação Saudável

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